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Feb 24

With a focus on aesthetic treatments, Drs. Tracy Davis and Nick Matthews of Excel Dental are pleased to provide solutions for individuals interested in enhancing their natural smile. Not everyone is born with a perfect smile, and when it comes to imperfections present on the front teeth, patients may find themselves embarrassed or self-conscious about […]

Jan 13

At Excel Dental, patients of the Ozark, MO area who are interested in obtaining tooth replacements are often urged to ask the team about one of the most popular options: dental implants. Dental implants are used to replace one or more teeth within the smile in a permanent manner, with…

May 20

So many people can relate to Cindy’s experience. A traumatic dental appointment when she was a child began a lifelong struggle not only with fear of treatment, but a strong distrust for dentists in general. Every visit triggered that fight or flight response we all experience when faced with…

May 09

Excel Dental is up and running as an open dentist office in Ozark. We are so excited to be back to business, and it will be even better when you are in our office. Call Excel Dental now at or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced Ozark hygienists. Dear…

Apr 20

A childhood dental injury to her front tooth forced Beth to spend almost her entire life not being able to smile without reliving that experience over and over again. That’s because the dental crowns she’d had throughout the years over that injured tooth never quite looked or felt natural. It meant that, even though she […]

Feb 20

There’s a truth that, until recently, wasn’t widely-known among tooth loss patients. For years, removable dentures, along with stand-alone dental crowns and bridges, were the only options in teeth replacement. While those still provide certain benefits, none come close to the lifelike function and health outcomes that dental implants deliver. Your friends at Excel Dental want to […]

Jan 20

The first month of the new year is flying by, but you still have time to visit your friends at Excel Dental to talk about the goals you have for a better, more beautiful smile in 2020. When you come in for a consultation, we’ll go over all your treatment options in cosmetic dentistry to alter your […]

Dec 20

As you reflect on the last year and how you want to evolve in the coming year, your friends at Excel Dental have a few ideas to inspire you! 7 Oral Health Resolutions For The New Year! Here are seven resolutions from your Ozark dentists that you can make for 2020 that can help you […]

Nov 01

Your oral health is important every day of the year, but outside of your daily brushing and flossing and those routine dental checkups, you might not think too much about your teeth. Until you approach a holiday like Thanksgiving! Suddenly, the ability to chew your food comfortably or to put your arms around the kids […]

Oct 20

We’re just days away from Halloween, so your friends at Excel Dental are here to offer some tips to keep all your favorite little goblins safe from tooth decay, cavities, and dental injuries while you’re out trick-or-treating! Tips To Keep Your Family’s Teeth Safe This Halloween Here are some helpful suggestions from your Ozark dentist […]

Sep 20

Fall is here, and we couldn’t be more excited about the changing season and changing lives with exceptional dentistry in Ozark, MO! At Excel Dental, we want to do all we can to support your efforts to enjoy better oral health and function and build a gorgeous smile that makes you feel relaxed and confident. 5 Reasons To […]

Aug 20

Whether your smile has seen better days or you’ve spent most of your life longing for brighter, straighter, healthier-looking teeth, advances in technology have made it easier than ever to create the smile of your dreams with cosmetic dentistry! Fix Smile Problems With Our Cosmetic Solutions! Here are a few smile problems your Ozark cosmetic dentists […]

Jul 20

In a few short weeks, parents will be sending their little ones off to school to start a new year, and before that happens, your friendly Ozark family dentists want to make sure their smiles are ready! It’s easy to get caught up in the back-to-school chaos over the next couple of weeks, with shopping for school […]

Jun 25

Our team at Excel Dental doesn’t want anyone to suffer one day longer than they already have the embarrassment of unsightly dental flaws. That’s why we want to highlight some common misconceptions about cosmetic dentistry that may have stood between you and the beautiful smile you deserve until now. We hope it inspires you to visit your […]

May 20

Springfield, MO – Have you broken or chipped a tooth, but decided that because it didn’t hurt, you weren’t going to worry about repairing it? Even if you have a broken tooth with no pain, you could be setting yourself up for more extensive dental work in the future. The dentists at Ozark’s Excel Dental explain. […]

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