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Do I Need to Repair My Child’s Baby Teeth?

Springfield, MO – Your child’s dentist just told you he found a cavity. But since that tooth is just going to fall out anyway, do you really need to repair it?

Missing tooth“This is a question we hear a lot,” says Dr. Tracy Davis, one of the Ozark dentists at Excel Dental. “”The short answer is yes. Those baby teeth play an important role in your child’s oral health, as well as his or her self-esteem.”

Parents also wonder why the affected baby tooth can’t just be pulled. Dr. Nick Matthews explains why your dentist will tell you no.

“Baby teeth have several important roles, one of which is to guide the placement of permanent teeth,” says Dr. Matthews. “If a baby tooth is removed before it is ready to come out, that can affect how the permanent teeth come in. Those teeth can shift into holes left open by baby teeth that should still be in place, leading to the need for orthodontic work in the future.”


Steps to Avoid Halitosis

Springfield, MO – Are you embarrassed by your chronic bad breath, and are looking for a way to keep it at bay? The Springfield, MO dentists at Excel Dental have several tips to help.

“It’s important to first understand what can cause halitosis,” says Dr. Nick Matthews. “First, we can look to the bacteria that live inside your mouth. Our mouths are host to millions of bacteria. These bacteria can give off toxins and bad odors as they multiply in our mouths. This is why conscientious brushing and flossing, especially after meals, is so important.”

MO DentistryBut what else can cause bad breath?

Did you know that your tonsils have what are known as crypts, which are essentially just big holes? Smelly substances can sometimes collect in these holes, emitting a bad odor from our mouths.


We Have a New Name

Springfield, MO – Barnett-Davis Dental Group now has a new name! We’d like to introduce Excel Dental – providing the same level of exceptional care by the same outstanding Ozark dentists. So if nothing else has changed, why change the name? Simple, we wanted our name to better reflect our care philosophy – that optimum oral health begins with dental care excellence.

“For many years, our practice has worked very hard to set ourselves apart as the area’s best family dentistry practice,” says Dr. Tracy Davis. “Not only does our expertise reflect that, but our compassion and commitment to cutting edge technology does, as well.”


Springfield Business Journal Saluted Dr. Kelly Barnett As “Health Care Champion”

SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI-In October, our very own Dr. Kelly Barnett was recognized as a Health Care Champion by the Springfield Business Journal, which gives out awards each year to recognize the accomplishments of local health professionals.

“Being the winner of this prestigious award is a huge honor for me,” says Dr. Barnett, who has practiced family dentistry since 1984. “It’s been my privilege to dedicate my energy and enthusiasm to benefit the dental profession, the people we serve and the communities in which we live.”


Why You Need to Establish a Dental Home for Your Children

Springfield, Missouri – Establishing a dental home for your family should be as important as finding the right pediatrician for your children. Encouraging children to care for their teeth is crucial not only for their oral health, but could have implications on their overall health later in life.

“We recommend that children begin their dental visits by age 1,” says Dr. Kelly Barnett, of Barnett-Davis Dental Group in Ozark. “At this exam, the child will sit on the parent’s lap while we just do a visual exam of their mouth and teeth. Even if children don’t yet have teeth, it is still important to visit the dentist early because we can look for any possible development abnormalities.”


It’s Not Too Late to Brighten Those Smiles for the Holidays

Springfield, Missouri – This holiday season, don’t let the lights on your tree outshine your smile. The cosmetic dentists at Barnett-Davis Dental Group in Ozark have the perfect options to keep you smiling merrily all season long.

“It’s not uncommon for patients to complain of stained or discolored teeth,” says Dr. Marc Barnett, who has been a dentist in the Ozark area since 1984. “We have the perfect solution for our patients this holiday season. The KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching™ System provides incredible results that our patients love.”


The Importance of Preventive Dentistry

Springfield, Missouri – October was National Dental Hygiene Month, making this a great time to discuss the importance of preventive dental care. It is essential that patients visit their dentists every six months to prevent problems from developing and to detect and treat issues before they become more severe.

“It’s important for patients to remember that they can have dental problems without experiencing pain,” says Springfield, Missouri dental care provider Dr. Marc Barnett. “In fact, pain is often the final symptom. Many dental issues are not symptomatic, so it may take a visit to the dentist’s office to uncover it.”


Keep Your Teeth Healthy This Halloween

SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI – Is it just a coincidence that the national dental hygiene awareness month is the same month as one of the biggest candy-consuming holidays of the year? Our team at Barnett-David Dental Group could only speculate about that. However, we do know that Halloween candy and sugary treats mean a higher risk of cavities, and we want to keep the patients at our family dentistry practice from getting them. Keep your teeth healthy this Halloween with these dental care tips.

The slogan for the American Dental Hygienists’ Association’s annual dental hygiene awareness campaign is “Brush. Floss. Rinse. Chew.” which is an easy way to remember the steps for proper dental hygiene. (


Every Athlete Needs a Mouthguard

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. —Take a minute to imagine what it would feel like to get a call that your child or teenager had one or two of their front teeth knocked out while participating in a sporting event. How would it impact their everyday life like smiling, talking, eating? Would the teeth have to be replaced with a dental implant or a dental bridge? Would it mean time away from school or work?

“The importance of wearing protective mouth and headgear to prevent injuries cannot be emphasized enough,” says Dr. Marc Barnett, a Springfield, Mo. dentist who has seen firsthand the aftermath of dental-facial injuries at his practice. “That is why we want every patient at our practice to have and use a protective athletic sports mouthguard to keep them safe and healthy.”


Don’t Forget Dental Checkups

SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI — During the rush of back to school shopping, adjusting to a new routine and juggling extracurricular activities, you may have forgotten about or put off scheduling routine professional teeth cleanings. Be sure to call us and schedule an appointment for you and your family now!

“Getting your teeth professionally cleaned twice a year is an essential part of keeping your teeth, gums and mouth healthy,” says Dr. Kelly Barnett, who is an award-winning Branson dentist. “If patients have gotten a little off schedule that’s OK. We never lecture.  We just encourage them to get back on track so they are getting the preventive cleanings and oral health screenings that they need.”