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We Have a New Name

Springfield, MO – Barnett-Davis Dental Group now has a new name! We’d like to introduce Excel Dental – providing the same level of exceptional care by the same outstanding Ozark dentists. So if nothing else has changed, why change the name? Simple, we wanted our name to better reflect our care philosophy – that optimum oral health begins with dental care excellence.

“For many years, our practice has worked very hard to set ourselves apart as the area’s best family dentistry practice,” says Dr. Tracy Davis. “Not only does our expertise reflect that, but our compassion and commitment to cutting edge technology does, as well.”


Ways Dentists Can Help Patients Overcome Dentophobia

Ozark, Missouri – We may joke around about it, but for many people, dentophobia or fear of the dentist, is very real. Are you scared of the dentist, but need treatment? Don’t let that fear keep you from properly maintaining your teeth and gums.

“There are many reasons why patients may be afraid of visiting a dentist,” says Dr. Nick Matthews, part of Barnett-Davis Dental Group, a dental group serving the Ozark area. “For adults, previous negative experiences can affect how they view future encounters. Perhaps previous dental treatment resulted in excess pain. Or maybe the patient already suffers from an anxiety disorder, so a visit to the dentist just heightens their apprehension.”


Keep Your Teeth Healthy This Halloween

SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI – Is it just a coincidence that the national dental hygiene awareness month is the same month as one of the biggest candy-consuming holidays of the year? Our team at Barnett-David Dental Group could only speculate about that. However, we do know that Halloween candy and sugary treats mean a higher risk of cavities, and we want to keep the patients at our family dentistry practice from getting them. Keep your teeth healthy this Halloween with these dental care tips.

The slogan for the American Dental Hygienists’ Association’s annual dental hygiene awareness campaign is “Brush. Floss. Rinse. Chew.” which is an easy way to remember the steps for proper dental hygiene. (


Every Athlete Needs a Mouthguard

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. —Take a minute to imagine what it would feel like to get a call that your child or teenager had one or two of their front teeth knocked out while participating in a sporting event. How would it impact their everyday life like smiling, talking, eating? Would the teeth have to be replaced with a dental implant or a dental bridge? Would it mean time away from school or work?

“The importance of wearing protective mouth and headgear to prevent injuries cannot be emphasized enough,” says Dr. Marc Barnett, a Springfield, Mo. dentist who has seen firsthand the aftermath of dental-facial injuries at his practice. “That is why we want every patient at our practice to have and use a protective athletic sports mouthguard to keep them safe and healthy.”


Stop Demineralization and Protect Your Teeth with MI Paste

SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI — Do you have white spots on your teeth? Does it seem like you get cavities all the time? Are your teeth sensitive to cold or sweets? Do you suffer from dry mouth? There is now another way that we can fight against all those issues: MI Paste.

“This prescription paste is a unique product that releases vital minerals into the mouth and helps stimulate saliva flow to strengthen teeth and protect enamel,” says Dr. Kelly Barnett, the founder of our Springfield Missouri dental surgery clinic.


Raising Awareness About the Silent Killer

SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI — May is National High Blood Pressure Education Month, an annual awareness campaign founded in 1972 and coordinated by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute.

Our team at Barnett-Davis Dental Group is taking part in the cooperative effort among professional and voluntary health agencies, state health departments and community groups in Springfield, Mo. to help reduce death and disability related to high blood pressure. (


Get Relief From Jaw Pain And Bruxism-Related Sleep Deprivation

SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI — Sleep apnea, jaw pain and snoring are common contributors to getting a poor night’s sleep, which can impact everything from work performance and mood to driving abilities the next day.

“Sleep deprivation has actually been linked to and correlated with chronic diseases, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity and depression,” says Dr. Kelly Barnett, who is a periodontist and dental crowns provider for more than three decades “In fact, studies show that driving sleep deprived can be as dangerous as driving with a blood alcohol level about the legal limit.”


Make Improving Dental Health Part Of Your 2013 Resolutions

SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI—One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to get healthier. While there are many ways to create a healthier you—eating healthier food, exercising more, quitting tobacco-products—there are dental health choices that can improve your overall health as well.

“Committing to a healthier mouth is committing to a healthier body,” says Dr. Marc Barnett, a Nixa dentures provider since 1984. “Many people don’t realize it, but the benefits of dental health extend way, way beyond the mouth.”


Are You Throwing Away Money? Use Dental Benefits Or Lose Them On Dec. 31

SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI-We know that schedules get busy and dental care might not be on the forefront of your mind, which is why we take this time each year to remind you to use your insurance benefits and the money in flex plan accounts before it’s too late.

“If you have unused benefits and don’t take advantage of them before Dec. 31, you will lose them,” says Dr. Marc Barnett, who is a mini dental implants expert. “It’s so frustrating for patients when they discover that money was essentially wasted because benefits don’t roll over to the new year.”


11 Ways You Might Be Damaging Your Smile Right Now

SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI-Your smile is often the first thing people notice about you, so keeping it healthy and sparkling is important to show off one of your best features, but you may be doing just the opposite without even realizing it.

“Diligent home care, a low sugar diet, preventive dental checkups and professional cleanings might not be enough to ensure a healthy smile, if other lifestyle habits are working against you,” says Dr. Tracy Davis, who has been at the family dentistry practice for nearly a decade.