Our Services

You'll find nearly every dental service available today at Excel Dental. You’ll benefit from our investments in state-of-the-art technology and continual training for our doctors and team. Our list of services is constantly changing and growing. Should you require a specialized service, we have a broad network of board-certified specialists who work in conjunction with our office to maintain the best care for our patients. You can also get complimentary in-house consultations for cosmetic, orthodontic, implant and tooth replacement services, custom dentures, as well as complimentary second opinions. New patients and emergencies are always welcome at Excel Dental.
  • Children’s Dentistry

    Encouraging children to care for their teeth is crucial not only for their oral health, but could have implications on their overall health later in life. Dental habits need to be instilled in children at a young age to help…

  • Dental Implants

    Excel Dental utilizes Dental Implants, a dental cosmetic surgery, as an effective way to replace missing teeth. Drs. Davis and Matthews are well trained in implant placement with a Mastership and Fellowship in the International Dental Implant Association. When teeth…

  • Minor Dental Surgery

    Depending on your dental needs, our experienced oral surgeons may recommend a broad array of restorative options involving minor dental surgery to restore your teeth and gum tissue back to their regular appearance and purpose. Should they determine that your…

  • Orthodontic Services

    There are many advantages to well-aligned teeth: • Easier cleaning • Better oral hygiene • Clearer speech • A more pleasant smile At Excel dental our doctors offer a variety of teeth straightening options. Drs. Davis and Matthews will diagnose…

  • Preventive Dentistry and Treatment

    Drs. Davis and Matthews and their team at Excel Dental will help you preserve the natural dentition and supporting structures of your teeth by preventing the onset and progression of dental diseases. Preventive dentistry helps avoid many dental problems as…

  • Emergency Dental Care

    If you are experiencing a dental emergency please call Excel Dental today! We will do everything we can to see you as soon as possible. We welcome new patients for dental emergencies and we always have a doctor on call…