Oral Cancer Exam

Did you know that 30,000 people are diagnosed with oral cancer each year? Tragically, according to the American Cancer society, more than 7,000 of these cases each year result in death. Let Drs. Davis and Matthews keep you smiling healthy by having an annual oral cancer exam. Oral cancer can be effectively treated when caught in its earliest stages.

Oral cancer begins asymptomatically. This makes the oral cancer exams performed by Drs. Davis and Matthews critically important. At Excel Dental a comprehensive screening for oral cancer is provided with every dental exam. Drs. Davis and Matthews will thoroughly examine the following areas when screening for mouth cancer:
• Lips
• Mouth
• Tongue
• Salivary Glands
• Throat
• Gums
• Face

Drs. Davis and Matthews will assess for the following abnormalities that could be early symptoms of mouth cancer:
• Red patches
• Slow healing sores (white or pink)
• White or gray slightly raised lesions (Leukoplakia)
• Soreness
• Lumps
• General thickening of tissue

If an abnormality is symptoms of mouth cancer are present Drs. Davis and Matthews will implement a treatment plan that may involve a biopsy to test for oral cancer. A biopsy will help our dentists obtain a more definitive diagnosis, which will identify the stage and grade of the oral cancer. Treatment methods will further vary depending on the biopsy results. Some treatments for oral cancer include excision, referral for radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

If you have questions about oral cancer or signs of mouth cancer, please contact Excel Dental. Talk with Drs. Davis and Matthews prior to your exam if you have any concerns about oral cancer or notice any symptoms of mouth cancer.