Laser Teeth Whitening

Whether you have teeth that have become dull with age or a smile that is discolored after years of drinking coffee or tea, you could gain a smile that is up to 12 shades lighter after just one hour at Excel Dental with our Laser tooth whitening.

Laser tooth whitening is the use of a laser light to trigger professional-grade bleaching agents and speed up the agents’ whitening effects on the teeth.

What does laser whitening treatment look like?
• Professional-grade whitening gel is applied to the surface of the teeth
• Gums are protected during treatment with surface barriers
• All patients wear protective eyewear
• The laser light is pointed at the bleaching agent to speed up the whitening process. 
• Results are immediate.
• Outcomes vary by patient according to natural tooth shade and discoloration. It is not uncommon for patients to see teeth that are up to 12 shades lighter in just one visit.

At Excel Dental patients experience visibly whiter teeth for a minimum of six months up to two years with careful maintenance. Whether you want to whiten your entire smile or spot treat discolored teeth, Drs. Davis and Matthews want to help you achieve your cosmetic goals. Contact Excel Dental today for more information about laser teeth whitening.