Inlay Restorations

If you have a cavity, and decay lies within the cusps of the tooth, inlays provide a conservative way to maintain the structural integrity of your tooth that have large defective dental fillings or have been damaged by cavities, decay or trauma. An inlay restoration is custom made by our Ozark MO dentists and its purpose is to fill a hole in a tooth caused by decay. Inlays protect the nerves of the teeth, preventing pain and further decay. Drs. Davis and Matthews will ensure the inlay still provides a natural appearance, matching the inlay to your natural teeth.

Drs. Davis or Matthews may recommend Inlays for:
• Replacing old metal fillings
• Repairing cracked, decayed or broken teeth and fractured or large fillings
• Improving the appearance of your smile

If you have questions or concerns about inlay restorations, please call Excel Dental to schedule an appointment today! Our team would love to guide you in your pursuit to smiling healthy!