Gum Contouring

Do you feel you show too much gum in your smile (“gummy smile”) or that your teeth look too short? Drs. Davis and Matthews offer cosmetic gum contouring as a solution to this complaint, where they will reshape your gums using a laser. This gum reduction surgery is a simple procedure that is quick and comfortable. You will heal quickly because the laser will seal the gum tissue.

For the ideal smile, Drs. Davis and Matthews desire to obtain a symmetrical gumline with the aesthetically pleasing ratio of gum to teeth. Drs. Davis and Matthews can remove any excess gum tissue that may be masking the upper portions of your teeth preventing you from showcasing your beautiful teeth. In some cases the gumline is lower on just a few teeth making these teeth seem shorter, regardless of the situation Drs. Davis and Matthews can even off the gumline to bring your smile to its ideal state.

To see if you are a candidate for gum contouring, please call Excel Dental to schedule an appointment today! Our Ozark, MO dentists would be happy to guide you in your pursuit to a healthy, beautiful smile.