At Excel Dental, Drs. Davis and Matthews perform a gingivectomy to gain access to the roots of teeth in order to remove bacteria and calculus. Bacteria and calculus that collect stick to teeth and produce acids that damage the tooth surface and then eventually cause gum pockets to form below the gumline. This ultimately leads to periodontal disease.

The purpose of a gingivectomy is to reduce the depths of the pockets of bacteria and calculus that collect around the tooth’s surface and below the gumline. Gingivectomy is a very effective gum disease treatment. Drs. Davis and Matthews may recommend a gingivectomy to patients to reduce bacterial spread, stop bone loss, or enhance their smile.

If you have questions about a gingivectomy and gum disease treatment, please call Excel Dental to schedule an appointment today! Our team would love to guide you in your pursuit to smiling healthy®!