At Excel Dental, Drs. Davis and Matthews may perform a frenectomy tongue surgery, also known as “Tongue Tie Surgury” in patients to remove or loosen a band of muscle tissue (muscle frenum) that is connected to the lip, cheek or floor of the mouth.

A Frenectomy be recommended for any of the following patients:
• Patients with a large muscle frenum beneath their tongue limiting tongue mobility “tongue tie”.
• Patients who have a muscle frenum attached to far down on the gums between the two upper front teeth.
• Children who have baby teeth that are un-able to erupt due to abnormal muscle frenum attachment.
• Patients transitioning to dentures, as occasionally the frenum interferes with the way the denture will fit.

If you have questions about a frenectomy (also known as tongue tie surgery), please call Excel Dental to schedule an appointment today! Our team would love to guide you in your pursuit to smiling healthy!