Dental Sealant Protection

A dental sealant is a film applied to the chewing surfaces of teeth. Research from the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) proves sealants are 100% effective in cavity protection. If sealants remain intact, bacteria cannot break through the sealant material.

At Excel Dental if you desire sealants for preventing decay, Drs. Davis and Matthews can easily apply them. The process is as follows:
• Teeth to be sealed are cleaned.
• An acid solution is used to roughen the chewing surface and help the sealant stick to your teeth.
• Drs. Davis and Matthews will apply the sealant to the tooth.
• To help the sealant harden and bond to the tooth Drs. Davis and Matthews use a curing light.

This process is very quick and painless and should last a patient several years before reapplication is needed. As stated above if the sealant remains intact, the risk of decay is very low.

At Excel Dental Drs. Davis and Matthews recommend sealants in children and adults due to their efficiency in protecting those areas of your teeth that a toothbrush can’t reach. Children receive the greatest benefit with sealants because they have newly erupted permanent teeth. Our Springfield MO dentists also recommend sealants for any patients who have existing teeth with deep pits or groves, as they can be susceptible to decay. During your visit in our office, Drs. Davis and Matthews will check the condition of the sealants on your teeth and recommend reapplication when necessary.

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