What is Bruxism?

Bruxism is a condition in the oral cavity, which involves grinding teeth and jaw clenching. This can occur during the day or night, but most of its damage occurs during nighttime sleeping hours. This puts strain on muscles and joints in the face and jaw. Often, other symptoms of bruxism include earache, headaches, sore muscles, and joint pain. Bruxism can be exacerbated by depression, anxiety, or chronic stress.

Drs. Davis and Matthews recommend prompt bruxism treatment due to:
• Gum recession and tooth loss – Bruxism quickly damages the soft tissue, which can cause loose teeth and deep pockets allowing for bacteria growth.
• Occlusal trauma – Grinding of the teeth can lead to fractures in the teeth.
• Arthritis – Grinding teeth and jaw clinching can eventually lead to pain or arthritis in the temporomandibular (TMJ) joints. These are the joints that allow the jaw to open or close.
• Myofascial pain – Grinding overtime can shorten and blunt the teeth. This leads to muscle pain and headaches.

At Excel Dental common ways Drs. Davis and Matthews treat bruxism include:
• Mouth guards
• NTI-tss device
• Occlusal Rehab
• Relaxation Exercises
• Stress Management Education
• They may also consider evaluating you for Sleep Apnea, as bruxism is commonly associated with sleep apnea.

Once your teeth grinding is under control, there are a variety of restorative procedures our Ozark MO dental team can perform to restore your smile.

If you have questions or concerns about bruxism, please ask Drs. Davis and Matthews during your regularly scheduled visit, or call Excel Dental today!