Dental Health doesn’t just mean having a beautiful smile, it also means having annual exams that monitor and/or detect any oral or systemic diseases that may be present in your mouth. This exam may also require an oral biopsy procedure to ensure the health of your mouth.

Drs. Davis and Matthews will examine the following areas around, inside, and outside of your mouth:
• Lips
• Gums
• Hard and soft palate
• Tongue
• Skin
• Muscles and glands in the neck
• Temporomandibular joint

Occasionally, Drs. Davis and Matthews may find an abnormality such as a ​mouth​ lesion in or around the mouth that needs further attention. ​Mouth lesions are typically benign, however, our doctors will perform a biopsy to ensure there are not any signs the growth could be cancerous or pre-cancerous. A biopsy at Excel Dental involves making a small incision and at times may mean removing a part of the suspicious area. Our doctors often only need local anesthesia to comfort the patient during this procedure and may or may not need to suture the incision. Excel Dental then sends the tissue sample to a pathologist, who examines it for signs of disease, and results are returned within a few days.

If you have questions or concerns about ​an​ oral biopsy procedure​, please call Excel Dental to schedule an appointment today! Our team would love to guide you in your pursuit to smiling healthy!