Athletic Mouth Guards

Participants of sporting and recreational activities are at risk of sustaining dental injuries. Drs. Davis and Matthews are committed to dental injury prevention for sports participants with the use of athletic mouth guards.

At Excel Dental, in order to keep you smiling healthy we recommend the use of custom sports mouth guards as the best protective device for decreasing the risk and severity in sports-related dental injuries. Mouth guards provide a protective surface to disperse forces on impact. This will lessen the severity of injury to the hard or soft tissues of the mouth.

In our Springfield / Ozark, MO dental office we have patient athletes of all ages, therefore, our team strives to educate these patients about risks of injury and how mouth guards are be beneficial to prevent injury. Mouth guard education includes: types, how they provide protection, how much they cost, and how they could benefit your oral dentition. Our team will work to find the best custom sports mouth guard for your comfort!

If you have questions or concerns about athletic mouth guards, please ask Drs. Davis and Matthews during your regularly scheduled visit, or call Excel Dental today!