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No Insurance? You Don’t Have to Put Off Dental Treatment!

SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI — A lack of dental insurance is one reason that many people put off visiting a dentist to get the dental care they need. The team at Excel Dental wants people to know that there are other options for those with no dental insurance. Receiving dental care without insurance is not impossible.

“Some people think they can’t come to the dentist because they don’t have dental insurance, but that’s the worst thing they can do in terms of their health or saving money,” says Dr. Kelly Barnett, who is an award-winning Springfield, Mo. cosmetic dentistry provider.

Putting off regular visits to the dentist for professional cleanings or postponing simple procedures like a filling or repairing a loose crown is a bad plan for maintaining a healthy mouth and body. Plus, it often winds up costing much more money in the long run.

“If patients have their teeth checked and problems treated while the issues are small, it is much more affordable than waiting until a dental issue becomes large or painful because those are usually more expensive to treat,” says Dr. Tracy Davis.

The American Dental Association recommends two professional cleanings and examinations each year. Using preventive measures and treating small problems early also prevents major dental problems like an infected tooth. Thinking about the expense of two routine appointments compared to the price of dental surgery or gum disease treatments puts the cost in perspective.

“Our office is very proactive in discussing ways for patients to have dental work done that can fit into almost every budget,” says Dr. Nick Matthews. “We want patients to be able to afford the root canal or dental implants or whatever the procedure is that they need.”

After a thorough examination and cleaning, our doctors can help patients prioritize their individual treatment needs and set them up with the treatment coordinator to discuss costs and payment options. Excel Dental accepts most major credit cards and offers payment plans and low or no-interest financing options to those with no dental insurance.

According to the Missouri Dental Association, there are also federal, state and community charitable programs available for individuals who want dental care but are without insurance. We can help connect people with potentially applicable programs so they can access a Springfield, Missouri dentist to get the dental care they need.

“Our goal is to have happy patients with healthy mouths, so we do whatever we can to help them get the preventive care they need and afford the treatment for minor dental problems right away,” says Dr. Marc Barnett.

Ignoring minor dental issues due to not having dental insurance can lead to larger oral health problems later, but it can also be detrimental for the patient’s overall health. Research has linked common oral health problems like periodontal or gum disease with systemic conditions like cardiovascular disease and an increased risk of stroke.

Keeping a healthy mouth can be done by following the ADA recommendations of brushing at least twice a day for three minutes, using dental floss or another inter-dental cleaner once a day, and seeing a dentist for professional cleanings and examinations twice a year.

“Before you rule out dental care because you think you can’t afford it without dental insurance, please call our office to get more information,” says Dr. Kelly Barnett. “We are very willing to work with people at our practice, or we can help you connect with an organization that offers low or no cost dentistry services.”

For more information on receiving dental care without insurance, contact Excel Dental.