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Is Bottled Water Harming Your Teeth?

Is Bottled Water Harming Your Teeth?

Bottled water is incredibly convenient and keeps you hydrated while on-the-go, but is it good for your teeth? When it comes to drinking bottled water, you may be doing more harm than good on your enamel.

Learn how the pH of your bottled water might be working to damage your teeth.

What is pH and why does it matter?

The pH tells you how acidic or alkaline a substance is. A lower pH means the substance is more acidic, and a higher pH means it is more alkaline. When the pH in your mouth is too low for too long, it leads to death of the healthy bacteria and growth of the bacteria that can often lead to cavities. You want beverages that are at a pH of 5.5 of higher—anything lower results in your teeth dissolving or demineralizing.

Is my water safe?

A 2015 study in the Journal of Dental Hygiene tested the pH of popular brands of bottled water. Read below to see how your preferred brand checks out.

Ozarka: 5.16 pH Aquafina: 5.63 pH Dasani: 5.72 pH
Nestle Pure Life: 6.24 pH Evian: 6.89 pH Fiji: 6.90 pH
Smartwater: 6.91 pH Evamor: 8.78 pH Essentia: 10.38 pH

How can I make sure my water isn’t too acidic?

If you’re worried about how acidic bottled water is, it can be best to stick with tap water. Water via a well or from your city is often far more alkaline than bottled water, making it less harsh on your teeth. If bottled water is a necessity for you, do your research to see which brands are best for your teeth. Typing “water brand pH” into Google will give you a fast result as to what the acidity is in your bottled water.

What about Carifree?

At Excel Dental, Carifree is utilized to undo some of the damage done on your teeth. Carifree is an alkaline rinse that is formulated to rid your mouth of harsh bacteria that are hurting your teeth. It can work to increase the pH of your mouth, especially if you’re someone who regularly consumes highly acidic beverages. If you’re concerned about the damage that acidic water or other acidic beverages are doing on your teeth, consider visiting your dentist to discuss the options available with Carifree.

Curious about how Carifree can help remineralize your teeth? Drs. Davis and Matthews at Excel Dental in Ozark are here to help!
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