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Do I Need to Repair My Child’s Baby Teeth?

Springfield, MO – Your child’s dentist just told you he found a cavity. But since that tooth is just going to fall out anyway, do you really need to repair it?

Missing tooth“This is a question we hear a lot,” says Dr. Tracy Davis, one of the Ozark dentists at Excel Dental. “”The short answer is yes. Those baby teeth play an important role in your child’s oral health, as well as his or her self-esteem.”

Parents also wonder why the affected baby tooth can’t just be pulled. Dr. Nick Matthews explains why your dentist will tell you no.

“Baby teeth have several important roles, one of which is to guide the placement of permanent teeth,” says Dr. Matthews. “If a baby tooth is removed before it is ready to come out, that can affect how the permanent teeth come in. Those teeth can shift into holes left open by baby teeth that should still be in place, leading to the need for orthodontic work in the future.”


10 Habits That Can Wreck Your Smile

Oral CareSpringfield, MO – There are common habits many of us have that might be doing damage to your pearly whites. If you have any of these habits, the Ozark dentists at Excel Dental encourage you to stop before you wreck your smile.

1. Using your teeth as tools.
If you find yourself unable to open a package, do you move it to your mouth and try to rip it open with your teeth?

“You aren’t alone in this habit, but it’s one you should stop now,” says Dr. Tracy Davis. “It can lead to broken teeth, or teeth that chip or crack. Your teeth should only be used for chewing food – never as tools.”