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Do You Grind Your Teeth At Night?

Springfield, MO – Do you wake up in the morning with a headache or sore jaw? If so, this might be a sign that you suffer from bruxism. This habit of teeth grinding is dangerous because it can result in broken and chipped teeth.

woman with toothaches“Bruxism is considered a sleep disorder,” says Springfield dentist Dr. Tracy Davis. “And because it happens while you’re sleeping, you may be unaware that you do it. That’s why it is important to pay attention to any signs and symptoms that could be signaling a problem, before serious issues occur.”

Signs you may suffer from bruxism include:


Tips to Avoid Staining Your Teeth

Teeth whiteningSpringfield, MO – The things we eat and drink affect not just the health of our bodies, but the health and look of our smiles, too. So what are the biggest culprits when it comes to staining teeth, and how can we keep our smiles white and beautiful?

“Coffee is the most common culprit for dulling our smiles,” says Dr. Tracy Davis of Excel Dental. “It’s easy to tell someone to avoid drinking coffee to keep from staining their teeth, but for those of us who love our daily cup of joe, that’s much easier said than done! But, there are a lot of other foods and beverages that can affect our smiles.”