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Easing Tooth Pain At Home

Springfield, MO – At Excel Dental, we know that tooth pain can sometimes strike at inconvenient times. The good news is, there are some home remedies for toothaches to help ease the pain before you can make it into our office.

“Tooth pain can happen anytime, but can worsen quickly if you’ve got a problem you’ve been ignoring,” says Dr. Nick Matthews, one of the Ozark family dentists. “The most common sources of dental pain come from tooth sensitivity, cavities or a loose filling, an infection, cracked or chipped teeth, an exposed root or gum disease. It’s best to visit us as soon as a problem arises, even if you think it’s still small. A small issue can worsen and become a much bigger issue in no time.”

Until you can make it to your dentist’s office to have repair work, such as a dental crown, done, there are some home remedies for toothaches that can successfully offer tooth pain relief.

An ice pack on the outside of your mouth can ease pain and swelling. Never use heat, and avoid very hot or cold foods until your tooth has been repaired. An over-the-counter pain reliever will also help relieve pain. Orajel or another benzocaine gel can be placed directly on the sore tooth. Tylenol or another pain reliever can also help.

“To reduce inflammation and swelling, you can swish warm salt water in your mouth,” says Dr. Tracy Davis. “This can also help fight off the bad bacteria that can lead to infection.”

There are various home remedies for toothaches online such as clove oil. Cloves have been touted since the early 1900s as an almost instant tooth pain reliever. Clove oil works as a natural sedative and calms the nerve, thereby alleviating the pain. Dab a small amount on a Q-tip and place directly on the tooth. We always recommend speaking with your dentist before trying a home remedy.

Never place aspirin directly on your tooth. Aspirin is acidic and may damage the surrounding gums. We know that many people probably turn to the internet to look for home remedies before they can get to our office, but, it’s best to follow the advice of a trained dentist.

When you have sensitive teeth or tooth pain caused by an infection, cavities, or another issue, it’s important to avoid certain habits and pay extra attention to your oral care routine. Tobacco use can exacerbate problems, so if you smoke or chew tobacco, you should stop until your tooth problem is fixed. Additionally, you shouldn’t chew on ice or other hard foods, and should avoid extreme temperature changes.

Brush and floss daily, using a fluoride toothpaste and fluoride mouthwash. The fluoride can work to ensure your teeth stay strong and healthy.

It’s important to schedule an appointment with your dentist as soon as you realize you have a problem or are not experiencing tooth pain relief. A small tooth problem today can turn into an infection or other issue in a short time, and can lead to tremendous pain.

If you experience a dental emergency that needs immediate attention, the dentists at Excel Dental are always on call. Simply call our toll-free emergency number and the answering service will contact our on-call dentist. Your call will be returned as soon as possible.