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Learn the Truth About Red Wine and Cavities

Nixa, Missouri-News stories everywhere have been proclaiming that red wine can be of immense help to your oral health. According to the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, red wine had no effect on the growth of the cavity-causing bacteria known as S. mutans.

General DentistryHowever, the researchers involved found that the type of alcohol limited the development of bacteria closely associated with periodontal disease instead. This clarification essentially means that red wine has still yet to be proven as a way to prevent cavities.

“The results from the study are somewhat interesting,” says Nixa dentist Dr. Tracy Davis. “The health of a person’s gums and teeth are closely associated. We still want to look for proven results over an extended period of time before advising patients to drink red wine for dental benefits.”

It’s important to know that the researchers came to their conclusion by holding the wine in their mouth for two minutes every seven hours over the course of one week. That’s very different from simply having a glass of red wine with dinner and enjoying improved gum health.


ADA Putting Squeeze on MLB to Ban Tobacco Use in Stadiums

Ozark, Missouri-Few habits can be as destructive to one’s oral health as the use of tobacco. In an effort to step up the awareness of tobacco’s nasty consequences, the American Dental Association recently partnered with other major health organizations in urging Major League Baseball to ban tobacco use in stadiums.

men in tooth painOrganizations including the American Cancer Society, American Heart Association and Oral Health America signed a letter asking MLB commissioner Bud Selig to implement the change following the tragic death of Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn. The Padres legend and habitual tobacco user was diagnosed with oral cancer several years ago. He died this summer from complications at age 54.

The letter addressed to Selig explained how tobacco does nothing but harm the health of baseball players and that it “sets a terrible example for the millions of young people who watch baseball at the ballpark or on TV.”