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Tips For Brushing Teeth Like A Dentist

brushing teethOzark, MO-Brushing your teeth can be one of the most tedious things you do each day. Even if you brush regularly, you may not be giving your mouth the proper clean it requires for optimal oral health. Read on for tips for brushing teeth like a dentist.

Let’s start with your toothbrush. The American Dental Association recommends that a soft brush be used to prevent gum irritation. But what about an electric toothbrush? Is that really the best toothbrush available?

“Whether you use a manual or electric, you have to be sure to maintain proper brushing habits,” explains Ozark dentist Dr. Nick Matthews. “Manual toothbrushes wear out after a while, so remember to switch out brushes every few months. That’s why we offer them to patients after their appointments.”

The length of time that a person spends brushing their teeth carries great importance. Our team at Excel Dental recommends brushing teeth for about two minutes, focusing on each part of your mouth equally. However, don’t use too much force or pressure.


Fight Against the Wear and Tear of Your Teeth

dentistry MONIXA, MO-Massages are a popular way to combat the physical and mental grind that our bodies take on a daily basis. But people sometimes forget that our teeth are also built to last a lifetime. Shouldn’t we pamper them once in a while?

A recent article on WebMD explains that some of the most common hazards to our teeth can often be avoided.

Chipped, fractured or broken teeth can pose real problems to one’s dental health and overall well-being. The staff at Excel Dental recommends that those who have already had extensive dental work be cautious when biting down on hard foods.

“Teeth that undergo a lot of treatment are more susceptible to injury,” says Nixa dentist Dr. Tracy Davis. “Chipped teeth are usually fairly easy to correct. But when you start talking about fractured teeth, the repair or replacement is typically more extensive. Sometimes, the dentist’s only option may be to remove it.”

Remember that many dental injuries can stem from athletic incidents. So be sure to wear a properly fitted mouthguard during contact sports as a shield for your teeth.