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Dr. Nick Matthews Named to New Dentist Committee

Dr. Nick Matthews OZARK, MO-One of Excel Dental’s dentists recently received recognition for his quality care and service to patients. The Missouri Dental Association’s New Dentist Committee inducted Dr. Nick Matthews as an at-large committee member.

According to the American Dental Association, new dentists consist of those who have been out of dental school for less than 10 years. Dr. Matthews is one of only 17 dentists from each of the association’s regional districts. Along with the rest of the committee, Dr. Matthews will serve as the representative voice of new dentists. Primary responsibilities include making recommendations on policies and programs to promote the success of new dentists.

Another major proponent of the New Dentist Committee involves the development of leadership in the field of dentistry. Dr. Matthews will play a major role in the organization of activities for dental students at institutions all over America, particularly the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Dentistry, his alma mater.


Looking for that Competitive Edge? Have Healthy Teeth.

SPRINGFIELD, MO-We all know that elite athletes work to perfect their craft by training, weightlifting and other preparation methods. But have you ever thought that your teeth could play a role in your athletic success?

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According to a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, one fifth of participants in the recent Olympics said that their oral health hindered their training and performance. Dentists at the Oral Health and Performance in Sport conference explained that tooth pain and gum inflammation not only can damage sleep patterns and performance, but also negatively affect the rest of the body.

Overall athletic performance consequently suffers.

That said; don’t think that bettering your dental habits will transform you into the next world class athlete.

“We have many patients who play sports or take part in competitive running and biking,” says Missouri dentist Dr. Tracy Davis. “They actively train and take care of their bodies to ensure optimal performance. But they need to take care of their teeth also.”