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How National Nutrition Month and Your Smile Are Connected

Healthy SmileBRANSON, MO– What you feed your body plays a major role in your overall health. That’s obvious. Here’s what many people don’t realize- teeth and gums rely on a wholesome diet filled with vitamins and minerals, too.

March is National Nutrition Month. Have you eaten enough veggies lately? If not, the proof may be in your mouth. A lack of essential vitamins and minerals will adversely affect your dental well-being.

“Vitamin deficiencies can be evidenced in peculiar changes in oral tissues and dental health conditions,” says Dr. Kelly Barnett, one of our experienced Branson area dentists.


Can You Catch A Cavity? Research Says “Yes”

cosmetic dentistrySPRINGFIELD, MO– We’re at the tail end of cold and flu season, but there’s another health threat making its rounds. According to multiple studies, cavities are contagious.

Just when you thought your toothbrush was enough to protect you from tooth decay, research suggests that cavity-causing bacteria is can be spread from person to person, just like a cold.

“Many people view cavities simply as a product of too many sweets or poor hygiene, but tooth decay is a serious infectious disease,” says Dr. Marc Barnett, a dentist in Springfield, Missouri.