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No Insurance? You Don’t Have to Put Off Dental Treatment!

SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI — A lack of dental insurance is one reason that many people put off visiting a dentist to get the dental care they need. The team at Excel Dental wants people to know that there are other options for those with no dental insurance. Receiving dental care without insurance is not impossible.

“Some people think they can’t come to the dentist because they don’t have dental insurance, but that’s the worst thing they can do in terms of their health or saving money,” says Dr. Kelly Barnett, who is an award-winning Springfield, Mo. cosmetic dentistry provider.

Putting off regular visits to the dentist for professional cleanings or postponing simple procedures like a filling or repairing a loose crown is a bad plan for maintaining a healthy mouth and body. Plus, it often winds up costing much more money in the long run.

“If patients have their teeth checked and problems treated while the issues are small, it is much more affordable than waiting until a dental issue becomes large or painful because those are usually more expensive to treat,” says Dr. Tracy Davis.


Every Athlete Needs a Mouthguard

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. —Take a minute to imagine what it would feel like to get a call that your child or teenager had one or two of their front teeth knocked out while participating in a sporting event. How would it impact their everyday life like smiling, talking, eating? Would the teeth have to be replaced with a dental implant or a dental bridge? Would it mean time away from school or work?

“The importance of wearing protective mouth and headgear to prevent injuries cannot be emphasized enough,” says Dr. Marc Barnett, a Springfield, Mo. dentist who has seen firsthand the aftermath of dental-facial injuries at his practice. “That is why we want every patient at our practice to have and use a protective athletic sports mouthguard to keep them safe and healthy.”