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Don’t Forget Dental Checkups

SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI — During the rush of back to school shopping, adjusting to a new routine and juggling extracurricular activities, you may have forgotten about or put off scheduling routine professional teeth cleanings. Be sure to call us and schedule an appointment for you and your family now!

“Getting your teeth professionally cleaned twice a year is an essential part of keeping your teeth, gums and mouth healthy,” says Dr. Kelly Barnett, who is an award-winning Branson dentist. “If patients have gotten a little off schedule that’s OK. We never lecture.  We just encourage them to get back on track so they are getting the preventive cleanings and oral health screenings that they need.”


Another Year Of Success

SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI — At the end of each summer, we eagerly await the results of 417 Magazine’s Top Dentists feature.

For the last six years, Drs. Marc Barnett, Kelly Barnett, and Tracy Davis have been named Top Dentists. This year was even more exciting because Dr. Nick Matthews, the newest member of our team, was voted Top Dentist too.

“We’re very excited to have received the Top Dentists Award from 417 Magazine again,” says Dr. Davis. “All four of the doctors in our practice were named as Top Dentists, which is absolutely amazing.”