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Make Your Holiday Season Merry & Bright

SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI—We can’t believe how fast 2012 flew by, but it’s already that time of year again when your calendar is packed with shopping, dinner parties, office gatherings and family events.

“The social events of the holiday season can get people thinking about their appearance, especially their smile,” says Dr. Tracy Davis, who is a Springfield MO dentist at Barnett-Davis Dental Group. “Patients tend to be more interested in teeth whitening services this time of year.”


Get Your Mouth Ready For Mistletoe Encounters

SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI—Whether it is bumping into a neighbor while you’re out shopping, making small talk in the close confines of a Christmas party, or meeting under the mistletoe, make sure you have fresh breath for the social interactions you’re likely to have this holiday season.

Before you assume that you don’t have bad breath, remember that the brain’s ability to acclimate to smells means you aren’t able to smell your own breath even with the breathing into cupped hands and sniffing technique. Try a simple fresh breath self-test for a more accurate representation of what your breath smells like to others. Use a spoon to scrape from the very back portion of your tongue toward the front of your mouth. Let the saliva dry and take a whiff of the spoon. This is probably the way your breath smells.