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Save Face This Season, Use A Mouth guard

SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI-Practices for the fall athletic programs have already begun, but it isn’t too late to check mouth guards for proper fit and signs of wear.

“You can prevent the vast majority of sports-related traumatic injuries when you use the proper protective gear, which includes a mouth guard,” says Dr. Kelly Barnett, a Springfield MO dentist.


Send Your Kids Back To School With A Big, Healthy Smile

SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI – Getting kids to brush and floss regularly can seem like an endless cycle of persuading, nagging and threatening, so we’ve come up with some ways you can get your kids interested in taking care of their teeth.

“Back to school shopping is all about getting kids looking their best and setting them up for success. Good dental hygiene habits set them up for a lifetime of great-looking smiles and achieving good oral health, so just consider oral hygiene as part of the back to school routine,” says Dr. Marc Barnett, a Nixa dentist.