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A Sore Subject: How To Identify And Treat Oral Sores

SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI-Oral sores can occur for many different reasons and they come in many different shapes and sizes, but more often than not they are painful, embarrassing and worrisome.

“Canker sores and cold sores are the most common types of oral lesions that we see in our dental office, and sometimes people get the symptoms and treatments confused. This could delay healing or lead to patients inadvertently infecting other people,” says Dr. Marc Barnett, a Springfield MO Invisalign provider.


Are You Ready To Take The Next Step Toward Better Health?

SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI-We would like to invite any of our patients who use tobacco to improve their oral health and prevent disease by quitting on May 31, the annual World No Tobacco Day in the U.S.

“Most people know the long-term, adverse effects tobacco products have on their health, but they might not realize the extent of the imminent danger tobacco poses for their oral health,” says Dr. Kelly Barnett.