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Use Dental Care To Fight The Signs Of Aging And Look Younger

SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI-Thanks to improved dental technologies and better preventive care and education, people are keeping their teeth for decades longer than they used to, allowing them to continue to eat the foods they like and feel better about smiling, talking and laughing.

Springfield MO dentists Dr. Tracy Davis and Drs. Kelly and Marc Barnett are sharing tips to help keep a happy, healthy and younger-looking smile whether the senior still has his or her natural teeth or has a full set of dentures.


Early Detection Saves Lives-Get A Complimentary Screening This April

SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI-Barnett-Davis Dental Group is joining the efforts of the Oral Cancer Foundation and the dental and medical community to raise awareness about a disease that is taking a life every hour of the day in the U.S. by offering complimentary oral cancer screenings.

“Routine screenings are effective at catching oral cancer in the pre-cancer stage, when survival rates are highest, between 80 to 90 percent, and the side-effects of treatment are lowest,” says Dr. Kelly Barnett, a Springfield dentist.